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the america's cup. we wanted to take this opportunity after having initially briefed mayor lee on the america's cup and having him have the opportunity to actually kind of see first hand some of the venues and the real opportunities of what the america's cup is going to bring to san francisco. we are going to hear from the -- representatives from the entire americas cup family and those folks that were responsible for helping to bring this event here. without further ado, mayor lee. [applause] mayor lee: good morning, everyone. just walking through the peers with members of the port. i can not only say that not only did we make the right decision, the world has made the right decision. this is one of the most beautiful places on our -- earth that this 34th america's cup could possibly be. when you look out today, you'll get a glimpse of what millions of other people and viewers and visitors will see in 2013. my first thought was to let you know that this was a very high priority for me. many of you know i was not here december 31, so i have been looking for the unopened champagne bottle that
this cover, is america still number one? nobody knows, job growth is on the right path right now but if we don't cut the debt, will america's greatness end, and if we don't invest in education and research, will greatness end? decade after decade, we relearn that the american belief in our strength tends to be self sulfilling and presidents to speak to that faith in the future tend to lead there and those who speak to worry don't do as well. jimmy carter, 1979. >> the erosion of our confidence in the future is threatening to destroy the social and the political fabric of america. >> the 2012 race will test president obama's ability to inspire confidence, optimism in the future in the face of increasing global rivalries. there's a big partisan divide on this and nbc's last poll, 39% of democrats said the country's in decline, just 39%. but look at this jump. 58% of independents and 69% of republicans who live in the same country think we're in decline. rick, big differential there. how will this play out as we pick another president or keep this one? >> part of what makes us great, chris, i
, i do believe that america is exceptional, but i think it's important to examine the facts carefully to figure out just where we stand in today's world. america is indisputably number one by some key measures. we have the world's largest economy, military, scientist establishment, the biggest technology companies. we are just as indisputably falling behind in many other key areas. well behind other countries. let's take a look at some recent rankings. the united states is the fourth most competitive country in the world economically. good. we're only fifth best country in which to run a business. america's enrollment rate for elementary school, however, ranks 79th in the world. we're only 12th in the percentage of college graduates among rich countries. america's 15-year-olds are ranked 19th in science and 24th in math. our infrastructure ranks 23rd. we're 41st in the world on infant mortality, 49th on life expectancy. perhaps most worrying, america is no longer a place where anyone can make it. last year the oecs issued a study of social mobility across generations, basically that's
sweeping the mid east mean for america's fragile economic economy, as gas prices spike around the country? and the budget battle in washington. >>> the latest proposal is unacceptable and it's indefensible. >>> the white house and republicans are far apart on how deeply to cut government spending. bu is there an opening to fix budget-busting programs like social security and medicare? i'll ask my exclusive guests this morning, white house chief of staff william daley. >>> and is the tea party creating division amongst republicans or laying the foundation for successful challenge for the president in 2012? we have the head of the tea party caucus in the house, republican from minnesota, michele bachmann. finally, politically analysis on the crisis in libya, the spending fight in washington and new moves of potential gop contenders for 2012. of with us, eugene robinson and columnist for the "new york times" and author of the new book, "the social animal," david times" and author of the new book, "the social animal," david brooks. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc n
now and 2015 to make america the center of building capacity for batteries that will be used in the new cars of the future, from 4% to over -- >> what about the shorter term? does the president -- strategic reserve, is the president considering doing something that can arrest that spike? >> well, we're looking at the options. there's -- the issue of the reserves is one we're considering. it is something that only is done -- has been done in very rare occasions. there's a bunch of factors that have to be looked at. and it is just not the price. again, the uncertainty -- i think there is no doubt that the uncertainty in the middle east right now has caused tremendous increase in the last number of weeks. >> but it's on the table, which i think is significant. >> well, all matters have to be on the table when you go through -- when you see the difficulty coming out of this economic crisis we're in. and the fragility of it. >> i want to ask more about the recovery, but i want to stay with oil and the crisis in the middle east. over the weekend, fighting in libya has expanded. we
with the plans for the america's cup? do you think the city should try it spend money to keep the 49ers? supervisor mar: did not get me started. i could go on for a long time. i think america's cup will help the whole area. i think the organizing committee has a big task to raise a lot of private sector money so it does not impact negatively on our general fund, but i do think the deal crafted by a lot of the enforcement is a good deal will help a lot of the parts of the city that need the help. it is also a lot of gauging of community groups and the yacht club saying that they want to provide better boating opportunities and education for young people in the mission district or, hopefully, in the mission or other places. but i know that as the america's cup moves forward, there are many community-based groups that want to be part of it. we recently had communications from the parks council wanting to ensure the swimming and blue and green projects could be created with the america's cup also encourages improvements of swimming pools so people see how water is a big part of our lives th
very core. quote: "i would never fight on a foreign shore for america again. black people should not be called on to assume the duties of citizenship when they don't enjoy the rights and privileges. a lot of black soldiers have been brainwashed. but when they come back and they see what they fight for doesn't mean a thing and they are still considered niggers, well then, a lot of things are going to happen. it all depends on how much combat fatigue they have." (radio operator david tuck) narrator: the war in vietnam was the first truly "integrated" war ever fought by the united states. for the first time, black and white, men and women, fought side-by-side from the very beginning. [gunshot] captain colin powell arrived in saigon on christmas morning in 1962. his first combat mission was operation grasshopper. in the predawn hours of february 7, his battalion moved out. he would later write... quote: "soon the long green line of troops was swallowed up by the dark jungle. i felt a tingling anticipation. a force of armed men moving into the unknown has certain power, even a touch o
- level response. do you want to speak to the america's cup? >> the america's cup project, the city entered the agreement on december 31. we are in the process of conducting analysis pursuant to the california environmental quality act. that will not be a project until we have completed seqa and got the other permits. . two ways to think about employment with respect to the america's cup. it will generate much money in economic activity. the planned timeline is 2013 for races. projections are that of $1.4 billion in economic activity will yield many new jobs regionally. that is an awful lot of jobs in the short amount of time. a lot of that as private sector activity. the city will not have a contractual or similar hook to try to control health local hire it fits into that purely private sector activity. there is a lot of activity planned on the port property either in the form of construction activity and through the new leases. the america's cup authority will be leasing 8 piers and two acres for hosting the event. we would be looking to the new lease agreements that will come to
of the reason for the rising prices. so what happened to america's quest for energy independence? where does it stand and what would it take for us to drive prices down? we asked bianna golodryga to find out. >> reporter: every u.s. president for the last 40 years has issued the same ultimatum. >> we will finally end our dependence on oil from the middle ice. >> and america's accepted dependence on foreign oil. >> reporter: so how much have we cut our dependence on foreign oil? turns out we haven't. in fact, we rely even more on it. in 1973 the u.s. produced 64% of all the oil it consumed while importing the rest from foreign sources. half of that prosecutor opec. in 2010, 61% of the oil we consume came from overseas, while our piece of the pie shrank to less than 40%. almost ten years after 9/11 and a rededication to reducing oil imports, still no change. >> political will is the main thing that's keeping us from relying less on foreign oil. we can't change things overnight. we need to bring down the cost of alternatives and push them into the economy but in we don't get started now we'll n
in america. it's a global price. the key message is don't foul nymex, west texas and the media. it's a brent world. >> what's the difference? >> brent is europe. >> so brent is oil in europe. >> nymex is oil in cushing oklahoma. we're at $115 a barrel right now. >> how much is that price spike driven by speculation that there will be supply disruptions in the middle east? >> some is speculation, someis geopolitical risk. $15, $17 or so. >> what, if anything, do you think is the appropriate political governmental response particularly on the pood issfoo? >> first of all, i think it's important that we're able to identify the most vulnerable people affected. and the poorest are typically the most affected especially in developing countries. those who live in urban areas. and it's essential that one scales up safety net programs to help them out. in poor countries, as much as 70% of household expenditures are spent on food. so you can just imagine what this sort of increase in prices causes. so it's essential that those poor people are protected by scaling up some of these programs. secretarily
american consumers in a very real way. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. the fighting is getting more intense in libya now. the president warned of possible military action now involving the u.s. >> the violence that's been taking place and perpetrated by the government in libya is unacceptable. i want to send a clear message to those that are around colonel qaddafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward. they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. megyn: leland vittert joins us streaming live. he is there on the ground. leland? >> reporter: we just got back from the frontlines where the rebels have been pinned down, not only by qaddafi ambush, but by qaddafi's air force. we were there and they have been able to move out. the problem for the rebels is not only can they not make any effort on the ground against qaddafi's forces, but there is not much they can do about his air force. >> there went another r.p.g. you can see it right down there. incredible amount of firepower. you can see they're trying to shoot down one of
steps, go to what made america great is an independent, vigorous press. if a jerk burns a flag, america is not threatened. political speech is the heart of the first amendment. they're expressing their religious beliefs. now is the time to make justice a reality for all of god's children. captioning provided by the first amendment center, funded by the freedom forum. welcome to speaking freely, a weekly conversation about free expression and america. i'm ken paulson. today we'll look at the history of comic book censorship. our guests today include wendy pini of elfquest, joe quesada of marvel comics, and carmine infantino, the former publisher and president of d.c. comics. welcome to you all. (man) thank you. [applause] well, what a great lineup, and we've got folks with every possible perspective on comic books here. just by way of background, there is something called the comics code that is on comic books, most of the comic books i grew up reading-- many of which were illustrated by carmine-- had the comics code authority approval on it, which basically said this com
♪ ♪ >>> hello, america. i'm judge judge judge filling in for glenn this week who is on vacation. tonight on the docket, the price of oil and growing government debt. the bloody protest in the middle east and north america set the price of oil skyrocketing. oil is trading at a half-year high of over $100 a barrel. and consumer saw 33% gallon gas price jump at the pump in the last two weeks. meanwhile, the federal government continues racking up endless debt. today is $14 trillion. by the end of next year, if the president gets his way, it will be over $15.6 trillion. that debt is money. you and your children will have to pay back. our progeny will be born as financial slaves to the federal government, as they will have their way to tax to spend for spending that occurred before they were born. yet the big government shakedown doesn't stop there. part of the reason gasoline is so expensive because of the unconstitutional government interference. you see, the government, the federal government is sitting on huge reserves of oil. it places nonsensical drilling restrictions on oil co
's point number one. point number 2, if we help create jobs in america and help had save our children from bankruptcy, we've got to take america off this fiscally irresponsible path, borrowing 4 cents on the dollars, much of it from the chinese and sending it to our children. house republicans proposal we keep the government open. the senate had time to consider it. they wanted more time so we gave them two more weeks. i hope they join us and i agree with dick, i would hope we could work on a bipartisan basis to put this nation on a fiscally sustainable path. >> chris: let me break in. i might note in my answer to my question, neither of you said, democrats, whether you're willing to accept more cuts, republicans willing to accept more. nor senator durbin you and other democrats talk about meeting the republicans halfway. >> democrats stand ready to meet the republicans halfway on this. that would be fair. >> my administration's put forward specific cuts that meet congressional republicans halfway. >> chris: but several major news organizations say that talk about meeting the republicans h
roasted, honey bunches of oats! >>> the republicans want you to believe that america is broke. they want you to believe things have so bad there's no other option but their draconian cuts. >> we're broke. broke going on bankrupt. >> we have to reform medicare. it costs too much and it's going to bankrupt us. >> because obama care will bankrupt the country. >> just because we followed grea greece into democracy does not mean we need to follow them into bankruptcy. >> false, false, false, false, false, false. it's all fall. we're not broke, nor are we going bankrupt. i'm not the only one who thinks this. michael moore and bloomberg news both agree that america is nowhere near broke. here's more in wisconsin over the weekend. >> america is not broke. not by a long shot. the country is awash in wealth and cash! it's just that it's not in your hands! it has been transferred in the greatest heist in history from the workers and consumers into the banks and portfolios of the uber rich. >> now, that's totally true. and republicans say we face financial ruin because we're in debt. but bloomberg s
'll see top to bottom coverage right here on cnn. i also want to draw your attention to a cnn in america special, "unwelcome: the muslims next door." soledad o'brien chronicles the dramatic fight over the building of a mosque in the heart of the bible belt. her special report airs sunday, march 27th at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. >>> on to other stories now, starting with the libyan civil war. pro-government troops appear to have taken on bin jawad. medical sources tell cnn at least five people were killed there yesterday. and air strike today targeted the main road into ras lanuf. an oil town that remains in the control of the opposition. in fact, many of the pipes, the pipelines in libya, lead to ras lanuf and shipped out. opposition forces responded with anti-aircraft fire. witnesses tell cnn that opposition forces also remain in control of misrata. seeing it here. a doctor says at least 42 people were killed there on sunday. >>> a supreme court ruling announced today gives a texas death row inmate another chance to prove his innocence. in a 6-3 decision, the court ruled that dna e
of america has achieved new progress. people to people contacts and exchanges between our two countries grow rapidly. last year, 3 million visited each other. 1 million from china, 2 million from the united states of america. we see our mutual friendship enhanced, our cooperation consolidated and expanded. especially, our bilateral trade reached a new record of $385.3 billion. 29.3% more than the previous year. that is 150 times more than 32 years ago, when china and america established diplomatic relations. and the state of california maintains its leading position in exports to china. in the fourth quarter of last year, california exported x 0.8 billion u.s. dollars to china, which is 28% more than the same period of last year. 35% is from the bay area. the year 2010 is also a very remarkable in the relationship between china and san francisco. last year, shanghai and san francisco celebrated the city's anniversary of the sister city relationship. three mayors of this city led a large delegation to shanghai and inaugurated the grand opening of the san francisco post at the world expo. they
kabul and washington. >>> this week congress takes a closer look at radical islam in america. the muslim community says it is being singled out, demonized, in fact, for the acts of a few. we asked a muslim woman whose son was killed on 9/11 what she thinks. >>> nhl fights are part of the game but at what skos of the players. researchers have looked into the brain of a former enforcer and found evidence of trauma. >>> who will kate middleton be wearing when she says "i do"? the princess may share a look with lady gaga. we'll explain. >>> this week congress holds hearings on radical islams in america. peter king thinks al qaeda is recruiting and the muslim community isn't cooperating with authorities. king thinks the government needs to investigate. >> i have said the overwhelming majority of muslims are outstanding americans. but there is an effort to radicalize elements within the islamic community. right now there is an effort, this suspect just me, this is eric holder who says he worries about young muslim men being radicalized. >> protesters showed up in the rain to denounce the heari
the same thing as public works construction but also includes some of the port for a project like america's cup? we're talking about 1000 jobs. others say more. others say less. would that be to our advantage to try to secure that agreement to make sure that those jobs go locally? >> from owd's perspective, the idea of local jobs generated out of the america's cup was high on everyone's priority list. our interest is to continue to work with the port to figure out better mechanisms. those opportunities will be generated not just by construction. there will be opportunities across the board. we want to have a system in place to match the needs of san francisco workers with the needs of an employer to try to make that linkage as strong as we can. supervisor avalos: the teeth is not in any legislation we have the requires that level of compliance on mandatory local hiring. >> that is correct. supervisor avalos: that is as it relates to any port project. in this case we're talking about america's cup. redevelopment is also similar to port. that is also not included in that particular law. is
eterans. the radicalization of muslim-americans as a possible "threat" to america... will be a hot topic on capitol hill this shelby lin explains... two prominent congressmen are disagreeing over the premise of thursday's . hearings. groups rallied innnew york city sunday both for and against republican representative peter king's call for hearings on he radicalization of muslim- americans. king -- chairman of the house homellnd security committee -- has scheduled the congressional hearings for thursday...after saying there's a threat to be explored. ww're talking about al qaeda, the affiliates of al qaeda who have been radicalizing. and there's bben self-radicalization going on within the muslim minority, but it's there. and that's whereethe threat is coming from at ttis time. democratic repressntative keith ellison of minnesota, the first muslii elected to could make matters worse. i don't want them (terrorists) to be able to stand up and claim -- see, we told ya, america's at war with islam. that's one of the main recruiting arguments. that's why i think we need to be careful about h
will take another important step towards passing the america invents act. this bipartisan bill will go a long way in ensuring our country remains the world leader in entrepreneurship, research and development, and, of course, innovation. over the course of last week, every senator had an opportunity to come to the floor and weigh in on this bill with amendments. we made a lot of progress and, as a result, i'm pleased to say that we have a bill that is even better than the one we started with. a truly bipartisan product which will bring our peant system -- bring our patent system into the 21st century. if passed, this legislation will make the first comprehensive set of reforms to our nation's patent process in almost 60 years. 60 years. a lot has changed since then. the america invents act will create a legal framework that reflects current technologies and a climate in which innovation can flourish. in doing so, it will unleash the power of our nation's single most precious resource: the ingenuity of our people. and i want to point out that it will do it without adding a penny to our
in america today. it's called america's decline. or america's competitiveness. that's what the president spoke to in the state of the union, and all kinds of people are debating this subject now. it has to do with the rise of china and india and the economic growth of those emergeing nations. it has to do with the fact that technology has no respect for boundaries, which we are discovering in the middle east right now, right? >> absolutely. >> rose: where do you come down on that in terms of america? because you're leaving america. >> america has had great natural resources, huge amount of land, and that's been extremely important in its growth. but it also has respected science and innovation, and we see great growth areas in california and the boston area, in particular. and i think america recognizes the importance of human capital. that is, intellectual capital and the generation of ideas. but it needs more nurturing. i mean, science education in the u.s. is not up to scratch. and -- >> what does that mean "not up to scratch?" >> it's just not generating enough educated individuals,
'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". and welcome back to you. had a couple of days off? martha: good to be back, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. you know the story, they went awol, now they're trying to avoid that vote on the union bargaining bill in wisconsin, you've got the 14 democrats, the folks who high tailed it out of the state, they say you know what, we're staying put, governor scott walker also not budging on this, so that could mean we're going to start to see those layoffs for 13 public unions in the state of wisconsin. bill: where are we now? mike tobin in padson, where are we? reporter we've been down in road a few times stating last wednesday. sometimes it comes from a republican source, sometimes from a democrat source, saying the deal is eminent, the senate democrats are coming across the border and the vote itself is eminent. the latest we get is a resounding no from senator erchenbact, but a resounding no, no deal, no end in sight, bill. bill: are the protestors still there or are they sleeping in? >> reporter: we saw the protestors over the weekend. it stao
before controversial hearings this week on islamic extremism in america. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." libya centering the fourth week of what's now a full-fledged civil war. moammar gadhafi's forces are claiming new gains in their pounding of rebel-held cities. gadhafi maintaining a tight grip on the capital of tripoli, and the opposition appears to be holding out to benghazi in the east, but there are conflicting reports about who is in control of several other key cities, where fierce, fierce battles have been raging now for days. diplomatic sources at the united nations say the united states is working with france and britain on draft resolution on libya, a resolution that includes language on a no-fly zone. president obama warning once again today that the bloodshed in libya is unacceptable. >> i want to send a very clear message to those who are around colonel gadhafi. it is their choice to make how they operate moving forward, and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there. in the meantime, we've got nato as we speak consul
not only in the u.s. but throughout asia, africa, south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil prices and consequently higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> according to aaa the national average for a gallon of regular is $3.50. here in the d.c. area it will cost you about $3.59 on average. >>> did she or didn't she? still to come, new video that some people say solves the mystery of the missing necklace. >>> it's been down right nasty out there. it was raining, now it's snowing in some places. chuck bell's going to join us and tell us when all of this will stop and what it might mean will stop and what it might mean paul ? oh, hey, charlene. what are you doing ? this is to help me with my online investing. i'm so overwhelmed by jargon and trading tools and data that i need to get as much blood to my brain as possible, just to make sense of it all. touch the ball. whoa ! get sharebuilder from ing direct. hey, my headache's gone. especially with the two growing boys. they just eat and eat and eat. when i go shopping, i look for the specials. i'm looking for the real deals.
trail blazer making sure that he broke down barriers in corporate america. through his leadership in der -- xerox it led to the hireb of literally thousands of women and people of color. bernard is also highly sought after as an international business consultant and has counseled governments all cross the world from south africa, germany, england, france in economic development and he's also a celebrity in his own right. he's got numerous radio and television programs including the macneil-lehrer rorkts the "nbc nightly news," cnn and national public radio. he's lace family fan. -- also a family man. married to his wife shirley for 44 years, they are one of the most admired and respected couples in l.a. and the proud parents of their son khalil. their partnership represents and alliance based on love, respect, family and friends. and they're also very generous with their success. over the past 20 years they've donate. ed and raised millions of dollars for scholarships for college-bound students, particularly african-american students and students going to their favorite institution, flor
. that may include tapping america's strategic oil reserve to help bring down prices. >> we're looking at the options. the issue of the reserves is one we're considering. it is something that only is done and has been done on very rare occasions. >> reporter: pump prices are topping $4 in some areas. we've all seen the cause. the unrest and upheaval rippling through libya and the middle east. we're all feeling the effects. that steady surge at the pump. it's threatening to increase the cost of everything, from food to air travel. and that's bad news for the economy. the last time prices spiked like this, the answer seemed simple. >> drill, baby, drill. >> reporter: but even drilling proponents realize energy is a long term problem. >> i'm buying an electric car tomorrow and that's going to give me the patriotic pleasure of plugging in and not sending money overseas to people trying to blow us up. >> reporter: rising prices and anxiety that go far beyond the pumps. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> in libya, a tug of war is under way over several towns in a battle between oppositio
15% or more on car insurance. america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? ntrol your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> the capitals got to escape the rainy weather today and enjoy the sunshine state. but it was all about business. dennis white men face his former team and the caps were to grab first place in the eastern division against the florida panthers. there was a scramble. gordon buries the backhand. two-one caps, but the tigers would tie it. he just puts it away. the capsule in their fourth straight game. they have not done that since early -- the caps one of their fourth straight game. they have not done that since early december. the wizards were looking for their second road win of the season in detroit. randy white man was in tonight. man w
's basically -- the "uss new york" is built on emotion. it's recycling that emotion, taking america's worst day, and turning it into our greatest national symbol. and i felt that as i was going in there that day, that this was something special that not only i, but, you know, the nation can rally around. >> reporter: at 684 feet, the ship is longer than two football fields. it has a crew of 360 sailors and can carry up to 700 marines. it sailed up to new york for the commissioning ceremony. as it passed the site of ground zero, the warship fired a 21-gun salute. when we return, >>> as violence continues to wreak havoc in libya, secretary of state hillary clinton joined together with international leaders in geneva calling on moammar gadhafi to step down. >> the people of libya have made themselves clear. it's time for moammar gadhafi to go. now, without further violence or delay. >> reporter: the new effort comes after the united nations security council approved sanctions against gadhafi and members of his inner circle, including freezing of assets and imposing travel bans against them. the wo
dinner your family looks forward to. choose johnsonville, america's favorite italian sausage. brand power. helping you buy better. america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> there was a deadly tug boat crash in pennsylvania. it's found that the driver was dealing with a family emergency. he was dealing with a life threatening injury involving his son. that doesn't analyze what caused the crash. the barge killed two students and plunged 3500 into the delaware river. >>> one is dead after a tour bus struck a disabled car in pennsylvania. the county coroner's office says that the victim was standing outside of the two disabled cars on saturday night when a marked bus hit the car and the car hit him. more were hurt
, not only in the u.s. but throughout asia, africa, and south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil prices and consequently higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> reporter: those higher gas prices came as many were starting to feel better about the economy, but now any extra cash may be going right into the the tank. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: jason king spends $40 more a month on gas. >> pretty soon i'm going to have to start thinking about riding a bike or other means of transportation, definitely. >> reporter: in fact, those skyrocketing prices have some giving up the road for the rails. metro use in los angeles, up 10%. and across the country commuters are using the latest technology, smartphone apps and social media, to find the cheapest gas, anything to save a buck. >> everybody i know is trying to carpool and fill up the car as much as possible. >> reporter: gas prices hit a high in february, but in the weeks ahead spring is when prices typically rise the most. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> and as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, the ob
mounting political pressure to do something. that may include tapping america's strategic oil reserve to bring down prices. >> we are looking at the options. the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it is something that only has been done in rare occasions. >> reporter: prices are topping $4 in some areas. we have seen the cause, the upheaval through the middle east and we are all feeling the effects, that sudden surge at the pumps. it is threatening to increase the cost of everything from food to air travel. that is bad news for the economy. the last time prices spiked like this, the answer seemed simple. >> drill, baby, drill. >> energy is a long-term problem. >>> i'm buying an electric car tomorrow and that will give me the patriotic pleasure of not sending money to people trying to blow us up. >>> in libya there is a fierce counteroffensive against rebels trying to make their way toward tripoli, gadhafi's key power base. this weekend the opposition lost some ground after being driven back from benjiwan. >>> here is your first look at some of the over news around americ
america's new pain at the pump? >>> stand-off. wisconsin tests wills as republicans and democrats refuse to compromise. but a new poll shows voters may be turning on walker. wisconsin ranger. >>> and portrait of a princess and the prince and the pedophile. the royals release new photos of kate middleton as a youngster, just as a new controversy surrounds prince andrew. has andrew become a right royal pain as the royal wedding draws near. >>> we zbin in begin in libya where colonel gadhafi's forces are on attack, advancing towards the oil part of ras lanuf in the eastern part of the country, a city held by rebels. earlier today on the town's outskirts, caused -- sorry, attacks today on the town's outskirts caused wide sped destruction. over 190,000 libyans have fled the violence since fighting began. and the general secretary of nato says gadhafi's attacks of the civilian population amounts to a crime against humanity. joining us live from benghazi is stephanie gosk. good evening. >> reporter: martin, yeah, there were more attacks today, air strikes again. if their typical pattern, what's
>> where was she on my last flight? that would have helped. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> of course, get more news anytime at >> have a great monday, everyone. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this monday, is the old man winter's last stand? weekend rains as well as snow and ice in some places. that could mean dangerous driving conditions. good morning, washington. i hope you had a great weekend. happy monday, everybody. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey. >>> heavy rainfall across the region turned into a little sleet and snow on the backside of that system with dr. mwest of the blue ridge. over 3 inches in centreville, ashburn, manassas, and mount airy. in frederick, 2.9, 2.5 in warrenton, 1.8 in the district. over 1.5 inches in adelphi. temperatures are around freezing. expect ice here and there. today,n the low 50's very windy. gusting 35 miles an hour out of the northwest today.
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-building based on a social contract. that was that the united states of america would give to the people money and as much security as we could. and in return we expected them to turn against the taliban and all we wanted was them to tell us who was to read -- taliban because they were wearing civilian clothes we don't speak pashtun we don't know who was about to shoot me but if you help me i will take care of the mafia. that was the deal and the social contract that underlaid everything we have been doing for 10 years. i will show you what happened. we had something called tribal loyalty. look at this picture. this was 500 meters outside of a battalion base and for four years the italians that rotated through tried to say to the people what do you want? we will help you occasionally there were snipers shot in could not always persuade people. a year and a half ago they said the american and italian commander who was kind dispirited said i will help you with your mosque. and as we were driving and and, these kids were 12 or 13, coming out on the road as fast as we were going yen, and these wer
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